Our Difference

Mission Statement

It is our belief that the American manufacturing workforce has long been ignored. Data shows that manufacturers need a highly trained, highly motivated, skilled labor workforce. By properly education the next generation of skilled labor workers, we will contribute to creating the next generation of the American Middle Class. We will improve the lives of the workers and their families by providing them with an education that will allow them to earn a solid wage, without incurring tremendous college debt. We will improve the lives of manufacturers, by training new entrants into the skilled labor workforce, thus allowing them to meet customer and marketplace demands for manufactured products.

Value Proposition
As a training center dedicated to creating the next generation of skilled trade manufacturing talent in the country, Skilled Labor Training Centers improves the lives of our graduates and the manufacturer’s they work for by bridging the manufacturing skills gap through education and student empowerment.

Our History
Skilled Labor Training Centers is an affiliate company of Diversified Industrial Staffing (DIS), the only exclusive provider of skilled trade manufacturing talent in the United States. DIS is a 6 time member of the INC 5000, identified as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. By listening to our client companies, we identified a huge gap deficient regarding the skills that our clients need to productively run their manufacturing businesses and the skills entry level employee’s had. In order to close that skills gap, we created Skilled Labor Training Centers, to be able to teach interested the necessary skills that would make them more attractive to potential employers, allowing them to create a greater earning potential for themselves and their families.